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Equipment We Use

When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Advanced Therapy Center has collected a number of different systems that provide neurofeedback.  That way, we can get the best match to what YOU need, not some cookie-cutter approach.

The same is true of analytic tools.  No one system holds the TRUTH of brain function in an absolute definition.  We use many different types and levels of analysis to make sure we see where your difficulties come from.  There are no template reports, just solid information about you.

NeuroField X3000

The NeuroField X3000 is a low intensity 4 channel pEMF (pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) generator using four 200-wind coil packs for precision placement anywhere on the body.

The X3000 is a software-controlled system which is fully customizable down to the easy to use patient database. The frequency range from 0.31Hz to 300,000Hz, output intensity range from 1-50 microTesla (uT), and the ability to generate sine, triangle, and square waveforms means the X3000 is one of the most flexible pEMF generators in the industry.

Capable of being synchronized with the Q20 EEG, the X3000 is the first pEMF system in the world to combine stimulation with z-score, norm-referenced operant conditioning methods.

With multiple databases included and over 100 unique protocols for the treatment of everything from Inflammation Reduction and Gastrointestinal Issues, to Brain Fog, Anxiety, and Depression, the X3000 is the most flexible pEMF system available.

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NeuroField Q20

The Neurofield Q20 EEG Amplifier is state of the art in pristine EEG signal processing. Designed from the ground up for ease of use and flexibility.

We use the Neurofield Q20 to record QEEG’s and to administer 19 channel neurofeedback training.

The Q20 is a 20 channel Electroencephalogram with a low noise floor of 0.25 μV peak to peak from 0.1 to 10.0Hz, meaning that we can record EEG without worrying about noise contamination. On top of Neurofield’s low-noise design, the Q20 is a non-averaged, multi-channel readout amp, minimizing slew for the most accurate whole-brain imaging, and gives an exact readout of each recording with no loss of data or smoothing.

Combining Z-score with EEG using the Neurofield Q20 allows us to target your neurofeedback treatment with an unprecedented level of accuracy, taking training to a new level of effectiveness.

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NeuroField Z3

Breaking new ground, Neurofield’s transcranial direct current/alternating current stimulation device (tDCS/tACS) offers a leap forward in stimulation technology.

The Z3 offers similar flexibility as our X3000 with the capability to generate sine, triangle, and square waves in pulsed or continuous with frequency ranging from 0.001 to 2,000Hz. This, combined with the option of DC as well offers an unprecedented level of customizability in the growing field of transcranial stimulation. The maximum current is capped at +/-2.5mA and monitored with our 16-bit Real-Time Current Sensor (RTCS), a first for tDCS/tACS, allowing the confirmation of a proper connection.

The tDCS/tACS(Z3) and pEMF (X3000) stimulation units can be combined with Real-Time Z-Score EEG (Q20) for the most comprehensive and advanced neurofeedback system possible.

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Neurofield HRV

The HRV is designed to work in conjunction with the X3000. It measures heart muscle response to stimulation frequencies allowing Dr. Smith to tailor protocols and maximize the effects of therapies. The HRV is most commonly used in body therapy and for trauma.

With HRV we analyze the balance in your autonomic nervous system. If your parasympathetic nervous system needs a boost to help calm yourself, we can target that!

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LENS System

Using the LENS system, we apply sensors to the scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. We process the signal by computer and extract information about specific brainwave frequencies. Through a patented process, we then bring this information back to the client down the sensor wires to the person’s skin. The results are reduction and/or elimination of the symptoms, which previously interfered with the client’s quality of life. The sessions are brief (usually 3-5 minutes), gentle (often the client feels nothing during the session), and the changes are lasting with some exceptions. With symptoms of progressive conditions such as Parkinson’s and MS, the treatment needs to be ongoing to sustain the improvement.

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Brainmaster ATLANTIS
4-Channel Training

ATLANTIS I is a 4×4 design (with four channels of EEG and four channels of AUX signals) ideal for additional biofeedback modalities. Includes continuous real-time impedance checking and recording; Total Immersion with photic, vibratory, and auditory feedback. Cutting edge technology, including 24-bit analog-to-digital converters, 1024 samples per second, and USB technology.

We use this four-channel workhorse for classic Neurofeedback, alpha theta training, and SMR, as well as the powerful z-score applications.

For home use we can rent our clients a 2 channel version, train them to use it, and monitor their progress remotely.

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Have you ever wondered if ADHD could be the problem?

The TOVA (Test of Variable Attention) objectively measures the key components of attention and self-control, variability (consistency), response time (speed), commissions (impulsivity), and omissions (focus and vigilance). The TOVA provides information that is not available through self-report or the report of others. It can be used along with subjective measures for a more comprehensive picture of academic, social, and personal performance.

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Come nap on our BioMat filled with Amethyst Crystals after a neurofeedback training session and allow your brain to integrate the work you’ve done while your body benefits from the BioMat’s far infrared radiation (heat) and negative ions. The benefits of the BioMat include:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Relaxation and a de-stressed You
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Increased tissue oxygenation

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Heart Math

Heart Math is a unique training system that objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence — an optimal state in which the heart, mind, and emotions are operating in sync and in balance, and the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of harmonious coordination.

Using a pulse sensor plugged into our USB port, the emWavePro collects pulse data and translates coherence information into user–friendly graphics displayed on our computer screen. Heart Math helps our clients create a coherent state through coherence techniques, interactive exercises, and games. Through this process, our clients build resilience, increase energy, focus, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

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Mind Alive

Mind Alive is a set of Audiovisual Entrainment (AVE) devices that use light and sound to promote self-regulation.  This is a wonderful device for home use.  There are options to add Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES) and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS). These are powerful tools for brain entrainment that can directly impact depression and anxiety, plus increase the potential for learning.  A doctor’s recommendation and supervision are needed for the tDCS applications.  The Mind Alive company has a great deal of research on these products on its website.

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The Vielight devices combine engineering with research to create photobiomodulation (PBM) devices that improve mental acuity and general wellness. This system adds energy at specific frequencies to the brain. It is particularly useful for recovery from concussion and metabolic disorders that have diminished brain power.

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Neuradiant 1070nm

This transcranial photobiomodulation (PBM) system was recently modified to use 1070nm LEDs through a collaboration between Quietmind Foundation and Neuronic Devices Ltd. It is rooted in our 14 years of applied clinical research and practice in photobiomodulation and neurofeedback. The Neuradiant 1070 4Q PBM device is a technical advance in the transcranial PBM field by virtue of now offering independent four-quadrant control of stimulation, deeper penetration, and this wavelength’s unique biochemical and neurophysiological effects on cellular activity and gene expression. These effects can then result in increased energy, cellular repair, preventing future damage and promoting neural network regeneration.

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Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography

We are pleased to offer our clients pIR HEG (Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography), a powerful treatment option for people who struggle with depression, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, migraine headaches, and OCD.

Hemoencephalography refers to the way blood and energy move throughout the brain. Developed by Jeffrey Carmen (PhD), pIR HEG is another style of neurofeedback  designed with the goal of increasing metabolic activity in the front of the brain, an area known as the prefrontal cortex.

The prefrontal cortex, or PFC, is the area of our brain located just behind the forehead.  The PFC is responsible for managing capacities that we group under the term  “executive functions” which include: short term memory, organization, planning, impulse  control, and attention.

For those who suffer from deficits in executive functioning, their lives can be greatly  improved by strengthening the neural connections within the PFC. pIR HEG trains the PFC to exert greater control over the entire brain making it possible to suppress impulses that get in the way of effective functioning. With a strong PFC, we have more control over our attention, our emotions, and our behaviour.


Trying to sleep or to calm down, Bellabee suggests the necessary rhythms that are normally used for sleep or relaxation, all within the range of natural brain cycles. And in case you want to boost your concentration, the Bellabee program will start suggesting the higher frequencies required to improve your concentration, also within the range of natural brain cycles.

Bellabee impacts the performance of our mind, and body too, being able to directly convert the brain patterns to the optimal desired level. An affordable and useful device for professional and home use.

It doesn’t need batteries or re-charging, it simply plugs into the headphone socket on your smartphone or tablet. Using an app, you can choose the signal frequency that’s best suited to what you want to achieve.