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What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition that causes seizures. There are several types of seizures, the most dramatic are the convulsive or gran mal. People can also simply drop to the ground, or appear to be absent from their bodies.

Medical education at this time states that seizure disorders can be treated but not cured However there are many documented cases of patients becoming seizure-free through neurofeedback.

How does Neurofeedback therapy help?

A seizure can be generated in several different parts of the brain. The vulnerability for seizures can be read in the EEG, even if the person is not at that moment aware of a seizure. It has been found that training the brain to make more of the sensory-motor rhythm (12 – 15 hz) will stabilize the cortex and reduce or eliminate the seizure activity.

Success stories

Meet Miguel

Miguel had been epileptic as a child and took medication for years. However, he grew out of the grand mal seizures and was able to stop taking medication in adolescence. He still had a myoclonic problem in his arms that made him jerk when he reached out for things at times. This was a big problem in his work on keyboards all day. It made him terribly self-conscious and anxious too. He had seen at least four other neurofeedback practitioners before he came to Advanced Therapy Center. His treatment was not fast, but he did see steady improvements. We would try something new every time he reached a plateau with a protocol. We worked with him for a year and a half. Not only did the jerks diminish to negligible, his anxiety reduced enough for him to court and marry a wonderful woman.

Meet Helen

Helen thought she was dissociating from her life due to early childhood trauma. She would suddenly go blank and numb, and then come back to her environment as if through a thick fog. Analysis of her EEG showed that she had a very strong temporal lobe epilepsy. This kind of seizure is called an Absence Seizure.

Training of the SMR slowly decreased the Absence Seizures and allowed her to fully engage in her life with enjoyment.