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Traumatic Brain Injury

What is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury (also known as TBI) is a brain dysfunction caused by an outside force, usually a violent blow to the head. Traumatic Brain Injury occurs as a result of a severe sports injury, simply falling or a car accident. Immediate or delayed symptoms may include confusion, blurry vision, and concentration difficulty. Infants may cry persistently or be irritable.

Repeated Traumatic Brain Injuries get progressively worse in symptoms and take longer to heal. An injured brain does not utilize glucose in the normal manner for energy production. This often creates intense fatigue.

Usual medical treatment may involve rest, medication, and surgery. Alternative treatments include Neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxyge,n and dietary changes.

How does Neurofeedback therapy help?

The brain swells after a Traumatic Brain Injury and this can compromise blood flow. In extreme cases, there can be axonal shearing, which means that connections are lost between neurons. The QEEG reveals where the blow created the most damage and how that damage is manifesting. All Neurotherapy techniques are known to increase blood flow. Together with specific feedback, this gives us a good set of options for how to intervene and get the cortex back to an optimal condition. We often recommend dietary changes to support the metabolic needs of the brain. Thanks to neuroplasticity, new connections can be created bypassing the damage.

Success stories

Meet Louis

Louis was happy in his retirement, pursuing his avocation of painting and getting some professional respect for his work. Then on a sunny day, bicycling near his home, someone doored him and down he went. For weeks he was dizzy, had headaches, saw double, and couldn’t focus. He was fatigued beyond measure. He did his own research through the internet and found Advanced Therapy Center. After 13 sessions of NeuroField neuromodulation and 19 Channel LORETA Training, he was not only his old self, he felt surer of his memory, was back to riding his bike, and pursuing his art.

Meet Helen

Helen loved horseback riding. In a freak accident, she fell from her horse while talking with a friend. She was not wearing her helmet at the time. Her skull fractured in the fall and she sustained a massive brain injury. When we met her, she had been out of the hospital for two months and could barely stay conscious. She was so fatigued that the usual operant conditioning tasks were beyond her. We used passive Neuromodulation to increase the fast waves that she was lacking. We used the passive LENS system to stimulate neurogenesis. After 10 sessions like this, she was able to reduce the sedating anti-seizure medications that her doctor believed would be needed. She then had the energy for operant conditioning with her neuromodulation. After 20 sessions, she was alert, oriented, medication-free, back to signing with the choir, and happy. She did not go back to horseback riding.