Our Process

At Advanced Therapy Center, we understand complex human dynamics and how the brain adapts. We tailor each treatment plan to help create change to achieve your goals.


At the Advanced Therapy Center, we begin by learning about you and understanding your challenges and personal goals. We review prior treatments and discuss the results of previous therapies. Dr. Smith has a background in medical science, dynamic psychotherapy, spiritual experience, and many forms of Neurotherapy. Together we will chart a course to what would be most helpful to you.


We like to begin each treatment plan by conducting a Quantitative EEG (QEEG). We use computerized analysis tools to record 10 minutes of your brain activity, collecting 19 channels of brain waves to create a map of how the different areas of your cortex are communicating. By comparing the way your brain is working to an extensive database of other patients your age without brain-based difficulties, we can pinpoint areas to target with Neurofeedback training.

Treatment Plan

Based on your QEEG, Advanced Therapy Center composes a Neurotherapy report and training composite to build your customized data-driven protocol.

There are many forms of Neurofeedback treatment that aim to release inefficient patterns of neural functioning. Depending on the particular situation, we will determine the most appropriate system for each patient. We use a variety of different treatment devices. and analytical tools.

Aside from the QEEG path, many individuals come to us for the LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) that can be useful for recent head trauma and complex medical situations.

Some conditions can be effectively addressed with forms of Home Training. This means the client does not have to come to our office for every treatment. We can set you up with a unit to use at home for neurofeedback, or appropriate brain training exercises (based upon your symptoms and QEEG) like NeuroMeditation or AVE.  We can then monitor your progress remotely.

Treatment Begins

The training process has been designed to be pleasant, one that trains the brain with a reward for a particular activity. Treatment may involve the use of a movie, music, or game that you enjoy. We have fun in the process!

As we work together, charting the progress of each session, further suggestions may arise, such as diet changes, social supports, brief trauma treatment, and exercise regimes.

In addition to in-office training, Advanced Therapy Center also offers several additional options—remote training and NeuroMeditation.  Dr. Smith also offers mentoring services for professionals in the field.

Remote Training

Advanced Therapy Center is pleased to offer our clients the ability to practice Neurotherapy in the comfort of their own home—perfect for those with busy schedules or who live outside the Bay Area.

How does it work?

We may determine in our assessment that home training would be effective. If so, we set up the protocol to be run on a portable device, we also set up the software (either on your own computer or one we can rent to you). There are devices for home training that we may recommend; some you could purchase yourself, others are too costly and we rent to you on a monthly basis.

We train you, either in our office or on-line, to run these sessions at home.  We can then supervise the sessions remotely, as is needed.

It works best if you train at home on a regular basis as if you have an appointment.  The beauty of home training is that you can do multiple sessions for a lower cost.


It is a myth that one kind of meditation benefits all, there are specific forms for specific outcomes. Another form of home-training we provide comes from the work of  Jeff Tarrant, PhD, of the NeuroMeditation Institute.

With NeuroMeditation®, you can re-wire your brain to overcome obstacles, address mental health needs, and achieve your goals. The NeuroMeditation® process creates an individualized approach to enhance your relationships, work performance, and quality of life. It can be used for trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other challenges.

We offer support and specific guidance so your practice will advance more smoothly, and you are more likely to experience far-reaching benefits.

Mentoring Services

Dr. Smith consults with Neurofeedback professionals across the country.  She supplies assistance with treatment planning and mentoring for certification. Dr. Smith often analyzes QEEGs for other professionals to assist with treatment planning and will supply written reports for their clients when needed.