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Analytic Tools

Dr. Smith has spent the last 15 years learning to decipher the complex signals of brain functions. This has earned her a Diplomate in QEEG Analysis. As this field continually refines and deepens its techniques, she has added layers of analytic tools to her collection.

Database and analytical tools for QEEG and convention EEG. Learn more⟶

Earth imports Neuroguide and Brain Avatar data. NeuroDesigner attends the individual subject (client, patient) and keeps track of all information belonging to that subject and the time it was recorded. All the various types of information for each recording session are kept in a single data object called a “recording”. These “recordings” can be compared or contrasted over time to track change or discover trends. Learn more⟶

WinEEG allows the clinician to break the EEG down into its component parts for thorough source analysis. Learn more⟶

The Loreta software allows us to take the signals that we collect from the scalp and triangulate to the deep sources of those signals. Learn more⟶

Interpretation of the Raw EEG
A large part of the training for the QEEG-D is knowing how to read the rhythms contained in the raw EEG. This Eyeball method can then direct where a skilled clinician puts their focus.