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Peak Performance

What is Peak Performance?

People who want to go from good to great, are seeking peak performance. This could be athletic ability, intellectual functioning or even emotional intelligence.

How does Neurofeedback therapy help?

What holds an individual back from Peak Performance can be very different from person to person. The use of the QEEG can pinpoint the areas that could be improved. Some people need more slow-wave and some, more fast. Using an analytic technique, we can see exactly where brain signals could be improved.

Every brain has the potential to work better, faster, smoother…

Success stories

Meet Larry

Larry wanted to boost his career and move up the ladder. His job was demanding and he needed to keep on top of quickly changing situations. He was good at it but wanted to be even better. He did his own research on-line and found Advanced Therapy Center. He would come for a session (or three) and then go for a time, feeling more confident. He did that a few times with months in between. Then he would come for just one session before big meetings. When we last saw him, he was very satisfied with his job performance and the position he had attained.

Meet Linda

Linda is a competitive tennis player. She had suffered from epilepsy as a young woman and overcame it with the training of the sensory-motor rhythm. Now, years later, she will still give herself an SMR training before important matches.